Häfla Hammerforge, situated on Häfla Stream was founded in 1682. The works then included one hammer and two fires.

The factory was granted its privileges in 1683 with the authorisation to produce 45 tons malleable iron yearly. The privileges were granted on the grounds that charcoal produced from own forests was used and that the requirements for pigiron were covered by the factory owner's tenants.Gamla Hammarsmedjan i Häfla (Fotograf: Jan Erik Petterson)

The beginning of the 18th century large reconstruction’s of the forge as well as of the waterpower plants were made in order to increase the production.

In 1742 the privileges for production were increased to 90 tons malleable iron. Nora and Linde mining districts were to supply the pig iron.

When the forge was built the iron was refined according to the "German forging method". At the beginning of the 19th century a long period of experiments for new methods started and in 1882 Lancashire furnace were installed for producing blooms until the forge shut down in 1924.

In 1827 "Skjerforsa mill and sawmill" situated 5 km downstream from Häfla Övre Bruk was purchased. A factory for manufactured iron was erected. This was used for manufacturing nails, fine bar iron, horseshoes, fools and the like.

In 1846 the Häfla works received unrestricted manufacturing rights. During the years 1861 - 1900 the works ran a rolling-mill at the Middle works, where Häfla mill now is situated.

In 1924 all activities at Häfla Övre Bruk were shut down. The hammer forge was opened for one day in 1934 when declared a historical industrial monument by the Swedish Technical Museum. In 1990 Häfla Hammer forge was declared a national memorial.

Today you find a well preserved German forge heath furnace, the only one in the country, and a Lancashire hearth as well as a tilt hammer from 1829 made entirely by wood and a front hammer from the 1 1830's. The hammer has a wooden shaft and an iron head weighing 700 kilos manufactured in Finspång. You will also find a "Bagges blast engine" in the building.


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