Comprehensive planning

Finspång Municipality is caught up in the excitement and challenges of changing times. Our population is growing, the demand for housing is strong, a new healthcare centre is in the making, and outdoor and recreational areas are being upgraded.

Help us plan our future

The municipality needs to put together a comprehensive plan to serve as a springboard for strategic and sustainable long-term design processes for both city and countryside. Many civil servants and elected officials are involved in the project. As a resident or employee in the municipality, you also have the opportunity to participate. Please keep in mind that the entire discussion will be conducted in Swedish.

Responsibility and contacts

Both civil servants and elected officials are involved in putting together a new comprehensive plan for Finspång Municipality. Two public policy teams have been appointed: the Environmental and Social Services Commission and the Reference Group for Central Finspång. A committee of civil servants has also been set up.

The various teams collaborate and meet on a regular basis to ensure that the plan will be as awesome as possible.

Environmental and Social Commission

The Environmental and Social Commission is in charge of drafting a new comprehensive plan. The focus is on the aspects of the plan that cover municipality-wide areas, modernisation of sparsely populated areas and civic dialogue.

Members of the Environmental and Social Commission:

Ingrid Ahlström (MP) Chair
Stig Jansson (M) Deputy Chair
Tommy Jacobsson (L)
Leila Marttila (V)
Per-Olof Hårsmar (KD)
Birgit Svärd (S)
Bo-Göran Allard (S)
Anna Creutz (C)
Leif Gustafsson (SD)
Lina Alm (Developmental Strategist, in charge of the comprehensive plan processes and project manager for sparsely populated areas)
Reference Group for Central Finspång
This team has primary responsibility for the sections of the comprehensive plan that cover urban design in Central Finspång and surroundings.

Members of the Reference Group for Central Finspång:

Herman Vinterhjärta (MP) Convener
Stefan Carlsson (V)
Christer Lundström (L)
Hugo Andersson (C)
Patrik Karlsson (S)
Ulrika Jeansson (S) KSO
Mats Johansson (Urban Planner and project manager for Central Finspång and surroundings)
Civil Servants for Comprehensive Planning
Lina Alm, Developmental Strategist, comprehensive planning
Mats Johansson, Urban Planner
Johan Malmberg, Director of Development
Helen From, Director of Urban Planning
Magnus Pirholt, Director of Town Planning Division
Per Strannelid, Environmental Strategist
Marika Östemar, Planning Architect

What is comprehensive planning?

The Swedish Planning and Building Act requires each municipality to have an up-to-date comprehensive plan. The plan is to be strategically designed and stake out long-term use of both land and water. A plan will typically identify green, outdoor, residential, business and other areas that the municipality wants to preserve. Parts of the municipality that can be upgraded for housing, recreation, business and other amenities are also included. Nature reserves, heritage sites, roads, electrical grids and other public interests must be considered as well.

The Parliament (Riksdag) website contains additional information in Swedish about the Planning and Building Act.

Check out “PBL- kunskapsbanken” on the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning website for additional information in Swedish about the nature of a comprehensive plan and the processes involved.

Decision-making guidance and support

A comprehensive plan is to provide guidance and support for decisions about the physical municipal planning process. In other words, the municipality uses the plan when designing housing and other areas, putting together local plans, provisionally approving building permits, etc.

Reviewed every four years

A comprehensive plan is to be reviewed at least once per term of office. The county administrative board is to present any opinions concerning public and inter-municipal interests that may call for a new plan, and the municipal council is to examine whether the present one is up to date. The examination is to determine the extent to which the intentions of the existing plan are consistent with current circumstances. No revision of the plan is involved.


The Riksdag website contains additional information in Swedish about the Planning and Building Act.

The National Board of Housing, Building and Planning website contains additional information about the nature of a comprehensive plan.


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